Thank you for your inquiry and interest in my writing services.

Currently I can offer you a full editing, proofreading, and custom design plus add ons within seven days once I receive payment.

Typically what I do is edit first for grammar and mechanicsc. Then I go through and add keywords/buzzwords and professional language depending on the experience/type of industry you work for. This is also where I would try to eliminate redundancies or overwhelming bullet points etc.

Next, I format and design accordingly. I will email you the resume designs (I typically try to provide at least 2 designs) they are fully editable (you get word documents), so you can edit or tweak later if needed and you will also receive PDFs. I can also provide 1 revision if necessary.

What I need from you to get started:
1. Resume Information:

  1. A copy of your current resume even if its outdated. If you do not have a resume then you can send me an email or word document that includes your job experience with dates, education, contact information, and any other info you think is relevant. If you are unsure of what to include I can send you a questionnaire to get you started.

  2. If you are sending a resume is there any information on the resume that is not current and needs updating? If so what needs to be added? Common examples include a new address, email, job, additional education, etc.

  3. Is this a general resume, or is the desire to apply for a specific job/company? (if so, please list job or company and I can cater the resume accordingly) If you want to send me a job description or job link for something you want to apply for- I can optimize keywords as well to ensure they correspond with what your prospective employer is looking for.

  4. Aside from what may be attached in the resume, are there any skills/talents that you possess or should be highlighted? (personal or professional)

  5. Finally, are there any design specifications. For instance, some people like black and white vs color, or have a certain design in mind. Or if you are open I can create a few different options based on the type of job industry, etc.

2. Payment:

If you are interested in my services I take payment electronically via PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle. Instruction is listed on my payment page.

Once I receive your payment and resume information I can get to work. I always communicate if I have questions, or need clarification. I prefer to do most (if not all) communication via email or written communication so I can refer back to it as needed


You will find some samples of recent work that I have done on my sample page. These were based on the specifics of the clients I worked with, (so the colors, etc., were based on requests) and I have a variety of templates and can customize as needed.